Frequently Asked Questions

The BEACON-4-LIFE and EMERGI-SAFE are not only high-power road flares but are also high-power/focused beam flashlights.

In the case of the BEACON-4-LIFE equipped with dual color red/white LEDs, it can also function as a high-power work light.

Unlike other LED road flares on the market – the BEACON-4-LIFE was designed from the beginning to have field replaceable parts. The lens, LED module, body, and battery cap can all be swapped out rapidly in the field and without special tools.

The EMERGI-SAFE road flare has a field replaceable battery holder.

The BEACON-4-LIFE uses 3 D-size alkaline batteries and the EMERGI-SAFE uses 4 AA alkaline batteries.

Both units can be clipped on to traffic cones using either their integrated side clips or the traffic cone ring. The optimal way to operate both of these units at night with traffic cones is to place them under the cones and now you have the entire height of the cone as a light source.

BEACON-4-LIFE and EMERGI-SAFE LED Road Flares used traffic cones.

The BEACON-4-LIFE can be set to any of the following flash patterns and modes:

BEACON-4-LIFE Road Flare flash patterns

  1. Triple strobe flash
  2. Fast flash
  3. Steady-on
  4. Slow flash
  5. Rotating flash
  6. S.O.S.


  1. Flashlight – High
  2. Flashlight – Low
  3. Flashlight – S.O.S.

Work Light / Lantern Mode (red/white model)

  1. Work Light / Lantern – High
  2. Work light / Lantern – Low

EMERGI-SAFE Road Flare flash patterns:

  • Triple Strobe Flash
  • Fast Flash
  • Slow Flash
  • Steady-On High
  • Steady-On Low
  • Alternating Side to Side Flash


  • Flashlight High
  • Flashlight Low
  • Flashlight Blinking
  • Flashlight SOS

**If you want to activate the flashlight to flash in unison with the side LEDs (such as when placing the unit under a traffic cone) just press and hold the button for 2 seconds once you choose your flash pattern.

The BEACON-4-LIFE and EMERGI-SAFE Road Flares are not rechargeable for a reason. As a firefighter for many years, I had way too many experiences where the portable radios, flashlights, and gas meters mounted in the firetruck charger were not working when needed because they had not been properly placed back in their charger after use.

These emergency products must be ready for use when you need them most! The importance of using alkaline batteries was made clear to me when a firefighter used the BEACON-4-LIFE in the aftermath of a hurricane and did not have a capability to recharge his equipment. All he had to do was swap out the readily available D size alkaline batteries and keep on going. Because these products were created for emergency situations, an important consideration to keep in mind is in the event of a long term power outage (such as after a severe storm or hurricane) your ability to recharge the unit may be somewhere between very difficult and impossible.

  • Their taller designs and use of high intensity LEDs allow the BEACON-4-LIFE and EMERGI-SAFE to be seen at greater distances and in variable weather and road conditions.
  • Both units are a multi-functional road flare and flashlight in one device..
  • Superior warning power using 20 high intensity LEDs providing a full 360° of visibility with no weak spots.
  • Dual LED color models can be operated in either color independently or with both colors alternately flashing together.
  • Use inexpensive D or AA size alkaline batteries.


  • Multi-functional warning beacon, flashlight, work light, and S.O.S. signal.
  • No heat.
  • No noxious smoke.
  • No sparks.
  • No flames.
  • No burned skin.
  • No burned uniforms.
  • No risk of igniting accidental fire
  • No chemical residue.
  • No wasted taxpayer dollars on single-use & dangerous strike flares.

Would you lie down on the road in order to direct traffic away from an emergency scene or disabled vehicle? Of course you wouldn’t! So why would you want to use a low profile hockey puck type road flare to warn oncoming motorists away from you, your personnel, and the people that you are there to help?

Unlike the many, many low-profile “Hockey Puck” type LED road flares on the market whose design priorities must have been on how to take up the least amount of storage space when not in use and survive being struck by vehicles (which defeats the purpose of their being deployed), the BEACON-4-LIFE and EMERGI-SAFE were designed with the focus on their being highly visible when it matters the most, when you are deploying them during an emergency situation on the roadway.

Both units stand taller and are brighter so that they are “Seen and Avoided” by oncoming motorists. While both the B-4-L and E-S are of rugged construction, they were not designed to be run over by tractor trailers, military tanks, armored personnel carriers, etc because the reason why we deploy any type of road flare is so motorists see them, and move over and away from your emergency scene or disabled vehicle.

If people are running over your low profile hockey puck type flares it is probably because they are not seeing them in the first place. This puts your emergency personnel at even greater risk of being struck by a vehicle. This is especially true in snowy weather when those hockey pucks will be covered up with as little as an inch of snow.

The BEACON-4-LIFE is not only a high-power warning beacon, but it is also a high-power flashlight with a focused beam and S.O.S. signal.

The bi-color red/white model also features a high-power work light and lantern.

Color Availability

Note: EMERGI-SAFE unites are initially available in Dual Color Red & Blue with additional colors available later in 2023.

Return &
Exchange Policy

Items must be:

  • Unused and in new condition.
  • Shipped with the original packaging and all components/accessories.
  • Postmarked within 14 days of the purchase date.