“The BEACON-4-LIFE units are very bright and easy to use in the field. They catch drivers’ attention and keep us safe as we protect our first responders. Customer service is great and very quick.”

Kody Hummel

Lieutenant and Chief Driver
Northumberland, PA Fire Police

Matthew G.

Law Enforcement Officer
Utah Bureau of Land Management
Salt Lake City Field Office

“While on a traffic incident we needed to Life Flight a patient. I used my four BEACON-4-LIFE beacons to set up a landing zone. The Pilot loved the beacons and was able to land the helicopter between them with ease. I constantly use my dual color Red/White BEACON-4-LIFE units for traffic control when on accidents. They are far brighter than flares and last much longer. I highly recommend any department constantly dealing with traffic accidents and traffic control to invest in BEACON-4-LIFE.”

Bergen County Division of Safety and Security has utilized “BEACON-4-LIFE” illumination equipment equipped with dual color Red/White LEDs in a variety of applications.

Security Guards deploy BEACON-4-LIFE lights in traffic operations by positioning them on or adjacent to roadways. They are used in these events to both alert motorists to hazards and to divert or channel traffic into designated safety lanes. The flash patterns and variety of colors provides both clear illumination and also instantly draws attention to the hazard and provides direction to motorists and pedestrians alike. They are also effective when handheld, directing traffic or in any application to immediately attract attention or identify danger areas.

BEACON-4-LIFE devices have a sturdy base which enables them to be easily and securely deployed on roadways, sidewalks, or grass. They are robust, weatherproof, battery operated and not dependent on a recharging system. Also, unlike pyrotechnic flares which have only a single use, the BEACON-4-LIFE has an almost unlimited life span.

BEACON-4-LIFE devices have proven to be effective, rugged and reliable lighting equipment and are heartily recommended to any first responder entities.”

Michael J. Bonelli

Director, Division of Safety & Security
Bergen County Department of Public Safety

John Leeman

Goodwins Mills, Hollis, Aand Arundel Fire Police

“My name is John Leeman and for the last couple of years, I have been a user of BEACON-4-LIFE traffic warning beacons. Living in Maine and being on three Fire Departments. Goodwins Mills, Hollis, and Arundel as a Fire/Police Officer.

Here we have some very tough roads to handle and before I started using the BEACON-4-LIFE I was replacing traffic cones a lot. Thanks to these beacons I have not lost any cones, telling me that I am so much more visible and safer in the roadways. So, if you work on the roadways and have traffic cones to protect you, these beacons which are so simple to use are a MUST HAVE. I highly recommend BEACON-4-LIFE!”

This winter I had the opportunity to field test a couple of “BEACON-4-LIFE units. They are produced by Life Safety Lighting & Emergency Supply, LLC.

The BEACON-4-LIFE units are very high quality lights and should hold up very well. I especially liked the unit with the dual color Red/White LEDs in it. It works very well for use as a maintenance light too.

I took a trip out to West Yellowstone where one sled in our group was stuck and we were unable to find him. He could communicate with his radio, but we could not see where he was.

Had he had a BEACON-4-LIFE light with him, we would have found him immediately and saved about an hour of searching. Luckily he was not hurt and the time was all that was lost.

I would recommend these units for anyone that is in need of quality emergency lighting.

Dan Long

American Council of
Snowmobile Associations

Sergeant D. Drouin

East Hartford, Connecticut
Police Department

“My agency purchased a 4-pack of BEACON-4-LIFE’s for a weekly nighttime traffic detail that needed more visibility. The beacons are extremely effective in grabbing the attention of drivers and are easy to setup and breakdown. I like the various modes that can be chosen from, the battery life of the units, and pretty much everything else when compared to traditional (one-time use) flares. I just ordered more to outfit our Traffic Enforcement vehicles. Thank you for a great product.”

“First off, I want to thank you for the wonderful product. The BEACON-4-LIFE (B4L) is well designed, very functional, and one of the best pieces of life-saving gear I have ever seen. I have 41 years of service with a Northeastern Ohio Sheriff’s Dept, I retired from the USAF with 23 years of service as a Security Policeman. Over the years I have purchased many different lights and beacons as well as having used cases of road (strike) flares. The BEACON-4-LIFE fits the bill of an item that will help keep you safe. It is well thought out and very robust by design. I even purchased one for my son who is a fireman to keep him safe. “

Joseph Ohls

Northeastern Ohio
Sheriff's Department

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